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Under My Skin

Episode #6834

Samus had always been an independent woman, it's what she prided herself on. No matter what happened, she would have been able to handle it herself, alone. The idea of having to rely on someone else made her skin crawl; so the new idea of having to rely on someone else to do everything in her life did not sit well on the bounty hunter's mind, either of them. Coming face to face with herself was already almost too much to bear, so this was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Both Samuses began crying from the extreme emotions that were flooding her already emotionally stunned mind. She was pissed that there could be a copy of her, some asshole that will inevitably claim they are better. She was scared that she may be the copy herself, an accidental existence that will just blow away all the lies of memories into the wind. She was weirdly excited that she had a challenger; she had always been the best, there had never been a question about it. But, now she thought that she could push herself beyond the limits to beat this other woman, herself. And she was horrified about the notion of sharing everything, including life itself with this other woman; forever losing the independence that she prided herself on. She will forever drag along a passenger or become the passenger herself, no choice will ever be hers alone anymore.

However, most confusing of all was how aroused she was at the moment.

The process of becoming one with other was the most sensuous thing that she had ever experienced. Even before the event, the mere act of touching this other person was electric, she felt as though her skin itself was it's own sexual organ. Perhaps it was because it was herself that  it felt so incredible; the surrealness of the experience only intensified the accidental grinding. She had already been sensitive to touch. With her focus on training, she didn't have time for romance; so the instant plunge into the deep end that was hot, sweaty, slappy, full body contact of a beautiful woman, that was yourself, sent her mind spinning. Every touch felt like an orgasm in itself. The orgasms themselves were indescribable. She lost the ability of conscious though every time they came around. They both entered a pure bliss of ecstasy that, for an instant, made them perfectly content with their situation.

They both learned the true meaning of intimacy when the suit attempted to reverse the split. The Samus who had been in the suit that wrong way noticed what was happening first. Her head began to turn past the normal limits; which was painful for both since both their head's were inside the same helmet. They were both shouting at the top of their lungs in horror. Samus' torso started to press even harder into her identical cellmate's chest. As her head was turning, she could see in the corner of her eye that she could not see the bulging divide of their breasts, their bosoms folded into each other. There was pain of their nervous systems joining together, they shared the  pain just like their arousal. Their womanly chests were becoming one with another, it felt as if her breasts were being fondled by another pair of perfect, soft, wonderful breasts from this inside out, then multiplied by two. Samus could feel the pressure, pain, and arousal from both sides.

Samus' head made it's final destination beside her bodymate. The Samuses were still screaming and crying while trying to look at each other as best they could while in the helmet designed to fit one. They both had an equal space on their shoulder that did not grow to accommodate the extra person. They were constantly cheek to cheek, they could feel each other's tears mixing between their faces. It felt like there was a storm in their shared chest. They both felt a palpitation as their hearts were fusing together, unifying into one forever. The Samuses began gasping for air as their lungs entwined together, forcing them to breath the same air for as long as they live. Their chests were now one. Their breasts erected themselves out once more and were noticeably larger than either had before. Their arms and legs were next to merge. They could feel the pettiness of the hours they were in there melt away. As the merging process moved down their shoulders to their hands, they interlocked fingers, trying to comfort each other through this before their hands molded together into one normal sized arm.

Their waists were last to join. The opposing one had already been turned around and had already merged a plate with herself. They both knew what was about to happen, and despite how angry, scared, and traumatized they were, they both couldn't help but be a little bit excited. The two hips slowly clipped into each other, there was more pain than pleasure at this point with their bones contorting into one. The anticipation was still building, they had both stopped screaming and crying, their perversions had sedated their minds of their worries. Their hips were now the normal size of a single woman. The internal organs were still moving and shifting, though. Both of them could feel their wombs press against each other, they had not begun yet, but just they sensation of having another vagina that was grinding against another vagina internally excited them to no end. They were both stoic with anticipation. It then hit them like a freight train of pure ecstasy. Their moans and shouts of pleasure were louder than their screams of horror. The walls of their wombs broke down and they felt them join together like bubbles pressed to hard together. As their external holes swirled together into one perfect hurricane of pleasure they felt an eternal euphoria that almost erased their objections and negative emotions with pure bliss. Both Samus thought for an instant, "This is culmination intimacy." Merging your womanhood with another whom you know inside and out because you ARE that person, forever breathing the same air and pumping the same mixed blood into the shared united flesh of each other is the closest you can ever become with someone without becoming a single mind.

In the heat of the moment, Samus turns her head toward her bodymate to consummate their union with a kiss. She finds a very willing response back. The two lock mouths together as best as they can while almost sharing a neck. They could taste a mixture of sweat and tears that were from both of them, but they did not care, it only made them more aroused because of the storm of emotions that enveloped the both of them. Their tongues wrested intensely inside and outside their mouths, they could only turn their necks so far, they had to improvise. Their salvation was getting splattered on each other's faces and pooled at where their necks joined together. Samus mopped up the spit on her partner's face with her tongue, only to have more there after. Saliva was poring out of their mouths as they licked each other's face, christening their new shared flesh.

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Apr 01, 2016   03:56