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Double Yoo-hoo!

Episode #7049
Surviving is hard.

Especially when Demons are trying to eat your face.

That was a lesson that Yuzu Tanikawa never wanted to learn, but God has (quite literally) decided to beat her over the head with it anyway.

For the past few days, she and her friends had been trying their hardest to survive in the lockdown, made to seal the demons in, and they'd only been able to do so by summoning and controlling demons themselves via Comps. Yuzu hated the situation, wanting to escape more than anything, but there was no way to do that at this point.

So with options extremely low, she'd been trying to summon a stronger demon with which to protect herself, and after looking through the auction, she seemed to have hit the jackpot.

"Wow! Look at this thing!" She said to herself as she looked at the demon up for Auction. It was a 5 star demon, which meant it was very powerful. The amount of Macca needed to straight up buy it without wasting time bidding was also rather high, but she could afford that if necessary. "And no one else even seems to be trying for it either! This is way too good to be true!"

The strangest thing about this particular demon was that both its face and name were obscured. That worried Yuzu a lot: she could be getting something really disgusting, or maybe even uncontrollable. That was the last thing she wanted, and it was the only reason she hadn't tried to get it. But the battles had gotten more difficult, and she feared that if she didn't find more power demons to protect herself and her friends, they'd all be doomed one way or another.

"Too good to be true or not, I have to risk it!" She said to herself. Since no one else was bidding, she opted to risk saving her Macca and put down a bid.

Almost immediately, an identical bid was placed next to hers by someone else.

"No! I don't believe it!" There'd been no sign of anyone else looking at the demon. It's almost as though the person waited until she said something. "Well forget it buddy! This one is mine!" She put down a higher bid, only for her mystery foe to put down the same amount.

It went on like this for a while, with the strangest fact being that whoever she was competing with never put down a higher bid; they always bid the exact same amount of Macca as Yuzu, and never seemed to bid until she herself did.

"What is this?!" She yelled. "Is this guy playing around or something? At the rate things were going, she'd never actually get the demon. "I can't keep wasting time!" There was one way to end this pointless battle. "I'll just buy it outright!" With that, she paid the full price to end the bidding. There were only three problems.

"What?" Looking at her comp, Yuzu was shocked to discover her opponent had also paid the full price and skipped the bidding. "Great. What happens now?" She asked herself. Then she noticed that both buyouts had gone through. She blinked. "Wait! How is that even possible? We can't both have bought the demon..."

It didn't end there. Once she'd paid the full price, the name of the demon, along with it's face was finally visible. Yuzu immediately thought someone was playing a joke on her.

Yuzu Tanikawa: That was the name of the demon, and next to said name was a picture of Yuzu herself. "What What Whaaaat?!" Why did the demon have her name and face? What was going on?

Right at that moment, Yuzu was engulfed by a bright light.

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Rated: G     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Jul 23, 2017   17:07