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What’s that? A Time Altering materia?

Episode #706
After taking her bath Tifa got dressed to go to bed but not before trying to examine the Materia one last time.

“What could it possibly do?” She asked herself.

Before Tifa could even turn around to head for her bed someone, (a female by the feel of the arms) wrapped her arms around Tifa who although was surprised was even more surprised that she didn’t feel like flipping her over her shoulder.

“Ready for bed lover? I bet you’re looking for a little of what we had last night aren’t you?” The voice sounded strikingly similar to Tifa’s and when the head of this woman leaned on Tifa’s shoulder that’s exactly who she was. Tifa Lockheart was face to face with Tifa Lockheart.

“What the?” Tifa started but her twin cut in.

“Oh, please girl. Don’t feed me that bull shit about who am I. We played “Sexy Twins Meet” last weekend. You were quite good at that as I recall” The new Tifa said seductively as she kissed Tifa on her cheek making her a little uncomfortable.

“What are you talking about?” Tifa managed to get a hold of herself while her twin rubbed her large breasts sensually.

“Well if we’re gonna do this again then we’ll have to do a little warm up first.” Tifa’s double grinned grabbing her sister’s crotch with her open palm. This made Tifa gasp and give out a short yelp sound.

“Who are you? Why do you look just like me?” Tifa asked while her double was rubbing her gripped hand up and down Tifa’s crotch. The Tifa clone sighed.

“Fine then, I’m Tifa Lockheart, your lover and wife. We met over at the mines while searching for materia. When we saw a bright light there we were. In front of each other and we haven’t been apart since. But you do always play a good game of cat and mouse on many occasions. Want any more proof? You have a pink pimple on your left ass cheek just like I do.” The Tifa clone pulled down their skinny panties to reveal in the mirror and to Tifa’s surprise when she turned her body to look, a pink pimple and it’s identical partner sat on the twin Tifa’s left ass cheeks.

“Satisfied now Tifa?” Tifa asked kissing her confused sister on the cheek once more. How could she accept this? Suddenly someone claiming to be her exact double also claiming to be her wife? Altough the thought had crossed her mind in the past Tifa didn’t believe herself to be a lesbian but this seemed like too much. Although the pleasure she got from her double with her rubbing her private region and breasts as well as her sweet kisses were hard to ignore. She decided to stick it out to find out what the hell was going on. She was a good actor at this kind of stuff.

“So, the mines huh? Well I think I need more of a refresh. Maybe over a little midnight snack?” Tifa asked her new copy self in the same seductive tone as she did.

“Really *she cooed* now? Think that’ll stop me from licking ya?” Tifa continued ravaging her sister’s neck with her tongue.

“No but hey it would provide a little more excitement right? Plus if you come with me to get a snack I’ll make it worth your while.” Tifa closed into her double’s face behind her feeling their breath against each other’s faces.

“I can live with that. So, what’re ya hungry for sweetie? As if I didn’t know.” Tifa shifted her body to meet her wife’s front so they could stare into each other’s eyes.

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Rated: R - Language     Author: droid1
Aug 19, 2008   21:51