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Episode #708
Astaroth had met his match today. He had faced many warriors, and had only really been destroyed once, by a vengeful pirate, seeking retribution for his slain crew. One loss out of who knows how many victiories, until today. Today he had ended up on the wrong end of a blade wielded by someone with even greater power than that which comes from a desire for vengeance. Today he faced a mother....

Sophitia wiped the strange liquid that she could only assume was this creatures blood from her blade. It had been a difficult battle, but she had triumphed, and was surprisingly none the worse for wear for it. She was almost to the top, where she would finally accomplish her goal. Soon it would be over, and her daughter would be safe.

The Gods could be cruel sometimes. While she had been away hunting Soul Edge, her child had been taken. In order to keep her safe, Sophitia was now forced to hunt down and kill those who were trying to find the sword she herself had once searched for. Even Cassandra, her own sister was not spared, although she had managed to avoid killing her for now. She wasn't sure if she could be forgiven, but this was her family at stake, she had to do something.

"Now if only I could find a way up to the next floor." Even as Astaroth's carcass seemed to fade away, the magic sustaining it having decided that it had backed a loser, Sophitia searched for a staircase, a ladder, a door, anything that would take her out of this room, but there seemed to be nothing. Just when it seemed she was trapped, she saw it, a single door, almost invisible the way it blended into the stone. This was it, she would climb to the top and end this, and never again would her children be threatened. She would never be forgiven most likely, but she could live with that if her children were no longer threatened.

"No one will stop me! There no one left who can!" Ironic words considering what the tower's master was doing at that very moment, but Sophitia had no idea of that. She sprinted towards the single door, and rushed down the hallway it lead to. As she sped towards what she believed to be the final battle, she had the strangest sensation, as though she was in two places at once. She continued to run, but the feeling never left, until she entered another room. It was dark and difficult to see, but she kept running, not wanting to slow down.

So she was completely unprepared for the collision with the rooms other occupant. Both women ( it sounded like another woman) gave a loud oof as their heads cracked together, and fell to the ground. Her luck had turned. She had run into another rival she would likely have to dispatch, but first she would need some light so she could see her new foe.

As if in answer to her request, numerous candles suddenly lit up, and her new obstactle was revealed. It was a surprise to say the least.

"By the Gods!" both women exclaimed. In front of Sophitia was a woman who could only be described as her twin. The same clothing, and identical Omega sword and elk shield. It was the face that was the most incredible, possesing an identical look of confusion on it.

Sophitia immediately jumped to her feet and raised her sword and shield in ready positions. Her strange twin did the same, eerily enough, mimicking her perfectly.

"Who are you? Why do you have my face?!" The questions came at the same moment, and both women growled. Sophitia was a kind woman at heart, but her the future of her family was at stake. She had no time for games.

"Stand aside!" One of them spoke. "I can't, nothing can stop me!" The other responded. Very well then, if she had to even defeat herself, or at least a impressive imposter, than so be it.

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Rated: G     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Aug 10, 2008   23:11