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Black kryptonite = reversed colors

Episode #71
“Where are they?” Supergirl cried, holding Lex Luthor a foot off the ground by his lapels.

Blueprints to a top secret government weapons program had been stolen. All signs pointed to Luthor - as usual. Supergirl gave him a shake to jog his memory.

“Ok fine,” he sighed, resignedly, “in there, behind, in the safe.” He pointed to the painting (of himself, of course, lit with a spotlight) on the wall behind his office desk.

“That was easy,” she thought as Supergirl dropped Luthor in a heap, walked around the desk and pulled the painting off the wall, revealing the safe.

Too easy in fact.

Before she could even touch the safe to open it, the dial spun this way and that, the tumblers clicked, and the safe door popped open. Inside was a large chunk of kryptonite - the black variety to be precise.

Kara saw it, then felt its effects. A sharp pain in her head, she could feel herself falling, then all went dark.

Sometime later, Kara awoke. She was flat on her back, on a hard metal floor, looking up at a hard metal ceiling. “Oh my head,” she whispered, rubbing her right temple. Then she stopped - an echo? She quickly sat up straight, and saw - herself. Identical - but for the uniform. The uniform was identical, but the colors reversed. Blue cape and boots and skirt, red top. Only the gold belt and trim around the “S” were the same.

The two Supergirls locked eyes, struggling to make sense of what they were seeing ...

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Rated: G     Author: SF5
Jul 17, 2018   21:03