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Witness to a strange event

Episode #712
The silent and deadly kunoichi known as Taki was slowly stalking the lower area of the huge tower situated in a hell hole that did not exist until a few short days ago.  Her finely honed senses told her that the true objectives, the swords Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, could be found at the tower's highest floor.  As a trained shinobi warrior Taki was stealthily slipping through the various halls and rooms of the gigantic structure, wary of any threat that may present itself.

Confrontation was not something that Taki would shirk from if it was absolutely necessary, indeed she had already overcome a large number of opponents who attempted to impede the deadly Fuma trained ninja from her crucial mission, opponents that she forced to dispatch.

The female ninja paused suddenly as her keen ears detected the sounds of a battle up raging up ahead.  The mixture of battle cries and clashing of steel told the kunoichi that the two participants were female and equally matched.  With discretion in mind Taki silently moved towards the sounds of pitched battle, hoping that she may be able to circumvent the duel ahead altogether and continue her ascent in the tower. 

Moving down a dimly lit hallway, Taki could see a the adjoining room where the furious battle was taking place, the shadows of the two warriors in conflict projected by flickering candle light.  The kunoichi peered through the large opening to view the raging conflict and was suddenly shocked by what she was seeing.

Locked in a swirling melee were two figures that looked like mirror images of Taki herself.  Identical in visage and dress Taki's two doppelgangers were battling each other in a desperate life-or-death struggle against each other.  The observing shinobi could only continue to gaze at the surreal scene before her.  Almost like a beautiful dance the two identical figures jumped, kicked, slashed, and parried against each other, both totally absorbed in the task of overcoming her foe. 

Taki noticed that although their costumes were the same as hers but each showed obvious damage, destroyed armour as well as their ripped/torn tights indicated the brutal nature of the prolonged battle.  "Do my breasts really jiggle around like that?" Taki thought to herself absently as she continued to observe the battling twins before her, noticing for the first time how attractive she must look whenever she did battle.

Finally both identical combatants, nearing the edge of their endurance clashed again in the center of the room.  In desperation, the two battling Takis struck at each other simultaneously, each determined to cut down her foe.  Both battling women looked down in surprise as her opponent's devastating blow had found its mark, inflicting critical damage upon herself.  Finally, their stamina totally depleted, both battling Takis succumbed to their wounds and fell to the floor unconscious. 

The silently observing Taki was at an impasse, not sure how she should proceed.

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Rated: PG - Violence     Author: Blueversusred
Aug 12, 2008   08:42