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Ms. Evens

Episode #7354
Ms. Evens was teaching her 1st period of English class. Her second period was planning and she was looking forward to the break. Her class was too busy on their phones to care about subject verb agreement and pronouns so the class went by fairly brutally. The bell finally rang she went to the lounge. Ms. Evens was fairly young, only 29 years old and she had long black hair and nice tan skin, she stood 5'4 and was one of those that students called milfs despite not being married. The art teacher Mr. Thomas has had a crush on Mrs. Evens since she arrived and was working on a life sized sculpture of her. He was very talented and today he would show her his finished product. He saw her in the teachers lounge and invited her to come see it, she came and was amazed at the incredible detail that was put into it. She said "Wow it's so real it's a good thing it's not alive or no one would be able to tell me from it." They both chuckled but he became intrigued. He then put a blanket over it and said "I wish it was real" and walked out of the art room with Ms. Evens. The sculpture began to glow and all the sudden Ms. Evens walked out from under the blanket wearing an identical outfit to the other Ms. Evens. She said "What am I still doing here" and exited the art room and headed for her room. The other Evens was in the lounge chatting and then she saw they had only 30 minutes left in the second period. She started to go toward her room. Meanwhile the other Ms. Evens was there talking to her teacher neighbor Mr. Wills through their door the had that combined their class room. She told Mr. Wills she had to step out to use the rest room and walked out. 1 minute after the other Ms. Evens walked in and greeted him and he said "Wow that was fast". Ms. Evens looked confused and said "What do you mean" he responded "Well you just..." he was interrupted by a phone call. The phone call was from the principal and he had to go see her to get the English plans for preparing for testing. Now one Ms. Evens stood alone in her class room and another just now exiting the bathroom. She headed for her class and saw Mr. Wills in the hall and he said "Wow you are everywhere today" Ms. Evens smiled now knowing what he was talking about and continued to her class. She got to the door and pulled it open, the other Ms. Evens put her attention the door. The two locked eyes and yelled "Who are you!!?" Both frightened one spoke "Why do you look like me" the other responded "I don't look like you, you look like me" the Evens who had been in the class said "I have a class in 15 minutes I can't have you here" the other Ms. Evens gasped and said "I can't have YOU here, I'm the one with a class to teach". Both moved toward eachother and clasped hands while interlocking fingers. Both Ms. Evens were in a test of strength and neither look like they would give up. The two tusseled and continued as their palms got sweaty from the constant contact. The contest went on until finally the bell rang and both Ms. Evens looked shocked but had no intention of leaving. They gave each other death stares and now their class came in, all looking weirded out at the sight of two Ms. Evens. Once the class was seated both Ms. Evens stood in the front of the class bumping hips for the center. They both spoke "Alright class today's assignment is different, I'm your teacher and she's the fake but you have to prove I'm the real one". The students look confused then one asked "So we have to find out who the real Ms. Evens is?" One Ms. Evens said "I'm the real one you just have to tell her to leave" the other Ms. Evens rebuttaled "I'm Ms. Evens she's some imposter that needs to leave" both stared at eachother a second then continued to speak in unison "You have to prove I'm really me." Another student spoke "So it's like a game Whos the real Ms. Evens". Each Ms. Evens gave a fake smile and said "Exactly". Another student said so what happens to the loser, one Ms. Evens started "Well the loser goes to that corner" the other Ms. Evens continued "and the winner goes with you guys and calls the principal" then they spoke again in unison "and the loser gets taken away" the students got excited and one spoke "Well before we begin you two should shake hands for good sportsmanship". The two Ms. Evens smiled and turned toward eachother and outstretched their hands hesitantly then shook eachothers hands that were still a bit moist and said "May the best Ms. Evens win" in a nervous, full of anxiety tone. Then they turned to the students and spoke "Let's begin".

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Rated: G     Author: 22double
Jun 16, 2018   06:04