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The Gods must be crazy

Episode #738
"Facinating." Algol watched as the battle between the two Greek women began in earnest. He could tell from the moment he saw her that there was something driving this woman beyond the usual desires. She cared not for power, and anything else. No, this was someone who had something she wanted to protect, at any cost. He was lucky he had found something that could match her determination, even if it was an unusual source. "This will be an interesting turn of events. How will you deal with this obstacle?"

Two shrill voices echoed throughout the tower, along with a near constant clash of steel. Two women, both named Sophitia Alexandria fought desperately to overcome the other. So far, 10 minutes into their struggle, neither had been successful.

One Sophitia was forced to duck as the other swung at her head. Now crouched low, she lashed out at her twins leg, but that woman flipped over the blade and landed a few feet away. She rushed in thinking she had an opening, and the crouching greek stood and charged back to meet her. Their blade meet with a resounding clang, and did their shields when both tried to bash the other in the face with it. They pushed against each other with all their might, but it was no use. Neither could make the other budge.

'Why is this happening?!' Both women thought. She was so close, she could feel it. So close to being reuniting her family again. She had done such shameful acts for that reason alone, and now, when her task was nearly done, this happens. 'Is this my punishment for going against the will of the gods? Will I be locked in a battle with myself for all eternity?' With grunts of frustration, they pushed off each other and fell back, panting to catch their breath.

Small cuts on her left shoulder, and right leg, her ribs hurt from when the edge of her opponent's shield had just managed to nick her, but otherwise no real injuries. The other Sophitia was pretty much the same, right down to the way the winced slightly while gulping down air. 'Her ribs must hurt a bit as well, but I need to do more than that if I want to finish this!' They began to inch towards each other, watching for opening that would change the face of the battle. As they closed in, they started to circle, never breaking eye contact. The opponent's eyes would give away her intentions; that ninja, Taki had once mentioned that to her.

It happened quickly. They both thought they saw their opening, and both attacked at once, then yelped when they realised that the other was attacking as well and they had left themselves vunerable. The sound of metal banging against metal once again echoed throughout the room, and then again, and again.

Both Sophitia's had fallen back on their behinds, watching dumbfounded as their shields rolled away from them, and fell over a nearby balcony to the waiting ground below. That had been close. They had managed to block what would have been a killing blow, but at the cost of their shields. They turned back towards each other, breathing heavily. This was not going to be easy. That was even more clear now. Also, they were still stalemated, and without their shields for protection, they would have to be more cautious. Both women glared at the other as they began to rise.

'I have no time for this! I must find a way to defeat her!' They prepared to engage each other again.

Algol had observed the proceedings carefully, and as a result, he had realised something. "They don't see it. Their too engulfed in their battle to notice.

What he saw was.......

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Rated: PG - Violence     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Aug 19, 2008   16:45