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Delayed Reaction

Episode #7422
Amber takes the serum and stands, waiting for something to happen. She stares at her timer and her notepad, expecting to feel some change. At least a murmur. After three whole minutes of silence, Amber clicks off the timer.

"Dammit. I can't believe that didn't work!" she explained to herself, alone in the science lab. She scribbles down some angry reports, upset and confused as to why there was no reaction.

"I'm sure I put the right chemicals in. I even got the right enzymes for the cellular separations." she said, examining the enzyme's bottle. It was unlabeled.

"Damn, I think this is the right one. Let me check." she said as she walked over to the glass cabinet of chemicals used for school labs. Opening the door, a large beaker of a sodium solution falls off the shelf and splashes directly onto Amber's clothes, drenching her.

The brilliant student screams, drenched from head to toe. Slamming the cabinet shut, she shakes her head in misery as she marches out of the science lab to the locker rooms.

"Can this afternoon get any worse?" she asks herself as she undresses herself fully and steps in the shower stall. The stall is extremely tiny, the size of a city phonebooth. As the water pours over her body, she is satisfied by the thought of all of her gym clothes to choose from in her locker. At least she'll be able to match colors.

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Rated: R     Author: Themagicbox
Feb 17, 2017   08:16