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Two heroes fighting is so cliche.

Episode #76
Both Power Girls leaped to their feet, staring at each other in shock. Anyone present would have noted that they moved in exactly the same way, at the exact same moment. Two tall, voluptuous blonde superheroes matching each other motion for motion.

“Who the hell are you?” both women demanded, pointing gloved fingers at each other. “I’m Power Girl, who the hell are you?” Both women clenched their fists, ready for a fight.

Power Girl took in the double before her, searching frantically for some defect or imperfection that could be proof of an imposter, and came up short. Her apparent clone had the same short, cropped blonde hair, the same bright blue eyes, and more importantly, the same imposing chest.

Power Girl had looked in a mirror before, of course, but now seeing a living, breathing version of herself instead of a sterile image reflected back at her was...stimulating. The way her costume hugged the other woman’s generous curves made Power Girl’s breath catch in her throat.

“You know,” she murmured, “the whole ‘superheroes meeting and fighting each other before teaming up’ is so overdone,”

The other Power Girl didn’t drop her fists but did raise an eyebrow. “Yeah...so?”

“I mean, we could do that - I love a good fight, don’t get me wrong - but I rarely bump into someone who looks as hot as I do,”

Interest shimmered in the other Power Girl’s eyes; both women straightened up from their fighting crouches.

“I’m assuming you’re going somewhere with this?” The smirk her double sent her went straight between Power Girl’s legs.

“How about we skip to the team-up where we make each other come?” Power Girl sent her double the same smirk she had received; judging by the widening smile on her double’s face it had the same effect.

“You’re rather forward,” Power Girl said softly, stepping forward. The other Power Girl matched her.

“I find it gets me more places faster than beating around the bush does,” Step.

“I love a confident woman,” Step.

“You’ll love me more when I’m in between your legs,” The final step brought them eye-to-eye and chest-to-chest, so close each woman felt the other’s breath on her lips.

“How much time do you have?” One Power Girl ran a finger around the open circle on her double’s chest, enjoying the slight gasp as the other heroine’s pupils dilated with lust.

“Oh, I’m not letting you go for at least six hours,” The other Power Girl matched the movement by sliding one finger down her double’s cheek in a slow, sensual trail. They traded smirks.



“You’re betting you can keep up with me for six hours?”

“No, I’m betting you can keep up with me for six hours,”


“I try.”

Only a hairsbreadth separated the two Power Girls’ lips from each other.

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Apr 16, 2017   06:11