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Smash hit!

Episode #7626
The battle/concert between the two Athena's went on without any pause. The girls went through a number of their classic songs, all while pushing each other to the limit as martial artists. After trading blows and tunes for some time, both felt inspired and confident enough for something different.

The music tuned up again beginning the start of a new round. As they charged each other once again, Athena and Athena recognized the song.

'(No way! That's song?)' Both women were shocked at the latest choice, mostly due to the...context behind the tune.

"Did you know that he likes, girls with long hair?" As they came within reach, both launched their opening moves, a stiff elbow from Athena and a hard knee from Athena.

"For the first time, my hair has finally grown down to my shoulders" Athena and Athena blocked the elbow and the knee respectively, and were now face to face.

"Is there any Cupid with any good sense? Use your mysterious magic to have him turn my way" That last bit definitely a little on the nose. They blushed a little as they broke away.

"My Love don't stop! You always make my heart flutter! I want you to know these feelings, notice them quickly!"

"Psycho...." The familiar phrase came out, as both girls prepared a new attack.

"We maybe only friends for now..."

"...reflector!" Much to their mutual surprise, both Athenas went for the psycho reflector instead of the ball or sword like each had hoped.

"But I want to become someone special to you! If I can grow my hair another 5 cm, maybe I'll have the courage" If there was any doubt in either girls mind about the intentions behind her song, it was gone now. Athena had been trying to convey her feelings, both through battle, and through song, and those feelings were far stronger than either girl had realized.

'(Athena...if that's how you feel...then I won't just show you how my intentions...I'll accept yours as well!)' The two reflector attacks collided, clashing together, shield clashing against shield with a crackle of Psycho power. Both Athena's buckled against the strain as they pushed, each shield trying to reject the other.

"I made a wish on the stars to please make this miracle come true" The audience watched in awe as the Athena's continued to push their barriers against each other, wondering who would give first.

"Don't let him hear my heart pound" They got their answer when both Athenas noticed a crack in her reflector. It was never meant to be up this long, often only being invoked for a few seconds to knock back an attack. They knew they couldn't keep this up for long, but still they refused to back away. Athena was putting all her heart into this song and this battle. More than anything, she wanted it to reach Athena's heart, to touch Athena with her true feelings, and to stop now would deny her that chance.

"My Love don't stop!"

BOOOOM! The two shields finally reached their limit and then exploded, sending both Athena's flying, but they didn't miss a beat.

"TELEPORT!" They were righted themselves with their teleports and got right back in each other's faces, each one landing a punch to the other's face. "BLLLGNH!"

"You always make my heart flutter! I want you to know these feelings, notice them quickly!"

'(I do! I do Athena! I'll show you I recognize your feelings! I'll show you mine as well!'

It was time to end it! Athena and Athen pulled back again, and then began gather Psychic energy.

"My Love I break out into a run! And I jump right away!"

"Super Phoenix Infinity! They surged forward, completely engulfed in psychic power in the shape of a phoenix.

"Take this Athena! Take it all!" The two attacks met head on in another explosion and a flash of light that completely engulfed both girls.

The audience went quiet, as they waited to see which Athena would emerge triumphant.

With the smoke and dust that had been kicked up by their clash, Athena and Athena stood, each with a fist buried in the other's jaw. That was it.

"...oh...no...not..y-yet..." But there was nothing left to give. That last clash had rung their bells, and hard, both women were finished. They stumbled away, removing her fist from her beautiful opponents face, barely able to stand. "Ooooh..." they started to fall back, but both girls reached out with one hand, and found the reaching hand of the other. On instinct, they entwined fingers and pulled, bringing themselves together, as they leaned against each other to avoid falling.

'That's it...I can't fight anymore...you were great Athena...I should have known I was no match for you!' Both girls could only wait for the other to strike the final blow, but it didn't come. "Wha..."

That's when they realized, the other couldn't fight anymore either. It was a draw.

"I g-guess you were too strong for me Athena." Both girls said, smiling. Their knees wobbled, and they blinked in and out. In a few moments, they'd both pass out, but...

"We still have a song to finish don't we?"
"We sure do. C'mon! Let's do this!"

The light from the clash of Super Phoenix Infinity attacks, along with all the smoke and dust finally died down enough for the audience to make them out, Athena and Athena held each other in order to ensure they didn't fall too soon, and the people were none the wiser.

"Please accept these feelings, I want to be with you forever!"

They finished the last few lines to the thunderous applause of the spectators. Another great show from Athena. The curtain came down as the girls (weakly) waved goodbye to everyone. As soon as they were out of sight, the little strength they'd been using to stay conscious finally left them. They collapsed, still in each other's arms.

"You really were great..." Both women smiled as they drifted out of consciousness. "...Athena..."

Hitting the floor with a soft thud, the Athenas finally passed out, still in a tight embrace.

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Rated: PG     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Jul 08, 2017   18:34