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Quite the conundrum

Episode #7667
The Bernices layed in anticipation that Jim would help them. Mirror Bernice saw her plan had been a success as Jim had not the first clue who was who. They stood naked and tied together and both spoke in unison "Jim are you going to help me or not" they both turned to each other and gritted their teeth, the real Bernice saw that both their panties had been torn off which left them completely identical. The real Bernice now saw the dilemma Jim and herself was in. The Bernices cried "Jim she tricked me she ripped off my panties I WAS IN THE BLUE" each Bernice heard their words mirrored and continued their battle. They grinded pussies and smashed rack against rack trying to overwhelm her identical opponent. They rolled, still being tied up and having no other way of attack, plunged their tongues once more into the others. They attempted to keep the others out of their mouth but each tongue slid right past the others. They sucked on the others lips and crushed faces together occasionally banging teeth. Moans were intense and they continued striking the other and exchanging saliva. Jim intervened and forcefully yanked their heads apart and spoke Bernice what do I do, they both said in response "Untie me and hold her down." Again in unison "Listen Jim she'll do and say anything to try and get you on her side but deep inside you know im Bernice" they locked gazes with eachother and thrusted bushes to squeeze against one anothers tighter they yelled "JIM STOP HER"

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Rated: R     Author: 22double
Feb 12, 2017   06:19