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The Battle Continues!

Episode #7690
Bernice and Bernice were in quite the conundrum. One wanted to prove she was real, the other wanted to shove her goody-two-shoes self into the mirror.  They both wanted to live. As they thrust their tongues into eachothers mouths, they whimpered and moaned. When one would roll on top, the  other would smash her pussy into her duplicate and reclaim the winning position. “Jim! Help me!” They both hollered. Jim did nothing, just stood there frozen. Back and forth across the room they rolled, tied at the ankles, locked in a struggle. Their sweaty bodies slid on one another, when both girls had an idea. In perfect sync, they grabbed a handful of one another’s hair and forced their faces together. They bit and sucked their copies lips, and slowly slid their free hand between one another’s legs. They skipped a finger in each and moved it in and out.

Their moans stacked on eachother. If they couldn’t convince Jim, they would finger fuck the other into submission.

They gasped at the pleasure, and they upped the ante by slipping another finger into eachother at the same time. This made them cry out in surprise, anger, and pleasure.

The Mirror Bernice broke the kiss and leaned into her doppelgängers ear. “If I can’t convince Jim this way, I’ll concince him another way...” she raised her voice, “Jim, come on it’s me! I want to fuck you, can’t you see that?” Jim looked excited.

Real Bernice initiated the kiss again, rolling on to her clone and dangled her tits in her face to smother her.  “Jim, she’s lying! I want you....I’ve always wanted you...”

Mirror Bernice grew angry and bit her lookalikes tirs.

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Rated: X     Author: Steampunktrunks
Nov 08, 2017   01:26