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Slime Genesis

Episode #7709
The nearest Amber makes a grab for the red serum at the same time as a few others in the now crowded laboratory, an easy mistake in a room literally filled to capacity with like-minded individuals.

About a quarter of the red serum splashes out of the beaker as a wave of polite apologies and attempts to cooperate slowed the process. Time was ticking and the Ambers were getting that feeling as suddenly a ground of them began to feel... translucent?

The Ambers suddenly realized the implications of their work as every amber whose skin was touched by the red serum slow began to convert into water. The human body is 60% water, but chemical reactions between the red and blue serum had an odd effect on the osmosis process in her skin, muscles, and blood stream. Cell walls had begun to break down, partially, and light from the lamp began to shine through her.

Curiously their bones no longer felt existence but it felt... natural to stay in this form. The red serum continues to be passed around. Those who drink it seem to stay as normal...

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Rated: G     Author: funkduder
Apr 18, 2017   06:56