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Snug shower

Episode #7719
"Can this afternoon get any worse?" she asks herself as she undresses herself fully and steps in the shower stall. The stall is extremely tiny, the size of a city phonebooth. As the water pours over her body, she is satisfied by the thought of all of her gym clothes to choose from in her locker. At least she'll be able to match colours.

At that exact moment, Amber felt a strange sensation course through her entire body. It was overwhelming, feeling both painful and ...enjoyable at the exact same time.

"What...what's happening...?" She felt woozy as well, but even through all that, she immediately noticed something...an echo.

"Oh no!" Turning her head, she came face to face with herself. The serum had had a massively delayed reaction from what she was expecting. It had also duplicated her.

"Ahhh! Stop squirming!" Both girls squealed as their bodies rubbed against each other in the extremely tight shower stall. Nipples stabbed directly into nipples, disappearing between their chests that mashed each other flat. Wet legs rubbed together, along with crotches, causing them both to moan in pleasure.

"STOP! STOP THAT!" This was way too much. "Aaah! just...AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" They needed to calm down and think, and that required staying still.

"....aaahhh..." They bit their lips to try and stifle the moans, trying hard to quash the powerful sensations coursing through them.

"...ok...one of us should reach for the door." One Amber said. If they could get out of the shower, they could figure out what to do next.

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Rated: X     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Nov 18, 2017   21:55