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Nothing to fear but...

Episode #7797
Slowly, they peeked out again. Although the fear of the other deceiving her was legitimate, part of them couldn't deny the sincerity in that voice, HER voice. And when they saw the other's face, they could see that same sincerity in her eyes as well.

"You...really won't hurt me?" They both asked. They got back behind their hiding spots, unable to help but believe the other, but still scared of being tricked.

"What...do I do?"

Both girls realized that continuing to hide would get them nowhere. More to the point, the other girl knew where she was, but had made no attempt to move on that spot. Did that mean she didn't have her sword? No, it wasn't just that; she could feel it. This other her, this other Pyrrha really had no desire to harm her.

"I...I am going to come out." They both said, and with that, Pyrrha took a deep breath and stepped out from behind her hiding place. They took a good long look at each other: they were both a mess from the fall down the hill, stockings torn in some places, faces dirty, etc. Certainly not an intimidating looking foe. They continued to start straight at each other. 'She's...she's unarmed.' Knowing they were on equal footing in that regard made them both feel better.

"I..I'm going t-to come closer now..." They took cautious steps, slowly closing the distance between them as they did so, each on high alert for any sign of deception.

But as they came within touching distance of the other, they realized there was no deception: Whoever this copy was, she was not going to harm her. That being said, she didn't want to spook her either, so both continued to move slowly.

Finally, they were face to face. Both Pyrrha's were amazed.

"Y-you...you really look just like me." Everything was the same. They breathed in perfect synch, and even the damage to their clothing and the dirt on their faces and bodies were identical. It was beyond merely looking into a mirror.

Almost as though they were in a trance, both women raised one hand, bringing it forward. Unable to help themselves, they brought their palms together. Gloves had been lost in the tumble so there was nothing but bare skin against bare skin, something both realized only when the warm feeling of the other girl's palm pressing against her own eliciting tiny gasps of surprise.

Neither pulled away though; they couldn't. They both felt the other's girls fingers entwine with her own, as though they were still shocked the other was real. They become unaware of anything else around them.

Hearts were pounding in chests, but not solely out of fear. It was still there (both still trembled slightly, and they could both see and feel it), but there was something else.

'What is this? Why am I acting like this?' Neither Pyrrha could explain their sudden interest in the other. They could only continue to gaze into the other woman's eyes, each holding one trembling hand of the other, breathing in perfect unison.

It was at that exact moment that they realized they had no clue what they would do next now that they'd come this far (farther than either had intended). They couldn't go back to hiding (not only because that was a massive step backwards, but also because there was a part of them that could not bring herself to run from the other) and they knew fighting was pointless, so what now?

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Rated: G     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Apr 15, 2017   22:38