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Noel Noel

Episode #7819
"I've... finally caught you Noel Vermillion! You....won't...huff!...get away from me...!"

"Who...are you...? What do you want... from me...?" Noel got a strange feeling, and it only got stronger. The voice of the girl (yes, it was a female) was unmistakably familiar as well. But that was impossible.

"You want to know who I am?" The girl lowered her hood, and Noel's eyes widened as she caught sight of a familiar Balmoral cap, and some blonde hair contained beneath it...along with those eyes, and the face.

"My Name is Noel Vermillion! And I'm here to capture you!"

Noel couldn't believe what she was seeing: in front of her was...well her. Not Mu-12, but her, as she had looked when she was still with the NOL, but how...and why?

"No way...why do you...? She couldn't understand it, but what she did know is that this girl intended to take her prisoner. "Stay back! Stay away!" Feelings of fear, confusion, and even a bit of anger overtook her. She could not be captured. She WOULD not be captured.

The NOL Noel saw her doppelgängers reaction and knew the battle was about to begin. The truth is, she'd be as freaked out seeing her double as her double was at seeing her, those same feelings of fear, confusion and anger overtaking her. How dare this girl steal her name and appearance. She knew she had to bring her in no matter how difficult.

"Not a chance! Surrender now or I'll be forced to harm you!" She extended both hands, and Bolverk appeared out of a pair of magic circles.

"There's no way I'm surrendering to you!" Noel reached behind her back and pulled out Bolverk from their holsters. "I'm warning you! If you attack me, I'll defend myself and you will get hurt!"

Both women stared as they noticed the other's weapons...


"I...I'm not here to answer to you!"
"Well I'm not telling you anything either!"
"Put down your weapons!"
"Drop your guns!"
"I'm serious! I'll fire!"
"I'll do it! I'll shoot!"

Even though NOL Noel had said she was here to arrest her double, being in this situation was too surreal. She really just wanted the other girl to give up and turn herself in. As for the other Noel, she was equally freaked out, and just wanted to get away, but this woman was determined to chase her.

"...if you won't surrender..." Realizing things were about to come to a head, Noel squeezed the triggers.

"...if you won't leave me alone..." Knowing they'd reached the point of no return, Noel pressed the triggers.



"YAAAAH!" Both women screamed out as they began firing at each other. The first exchange was harrowing: their shots flew out from with weapons with loud cracks, each one striking it's opposite and creating a small explosion.

"YEEP!" Both Noels were nearly scared out of their boots by the noise, and then they noticed some of the opposing shots hadn't been countered by her own and were still coming. "ACK!" Both girls were forced to flee as the shots struck the ground where they had been standing mere moments earlier.

"Take this!" With that, Noel and Noel started shooting at each other in earnest, blasts of magical energy filling the sky, hitting the ground, taking chunks out of walls, and exploding against each other like fireworks. the one thing neither of them managed to hit was each other however, as both had taken off running while still firing.


That being said, the situation was still terrifying; after all, Noel was very used to shooting at others, but being shot at herself was a very new experience. It certainly wasn't helping her emotional state one bit.

"...huff...ha..." The entire area had been turned into swiss cheese. The two women had finally paused in their shooting to catch their breath, and had taken cover.

"Just give up!" Cap Noel yelled out. "Before you get hurt!"
"No way!" Hair clips Noel called back. "Just leave me alone if you don't want to get shot!"

Both women couldn't tell where the other was anymore. Before they dared make a move, they needed to confirm the other girl's position.

'Where is she?' Knowing they had to be able to see her enemy, both Noels stepped out from their hiding place cautiously... while completely unaware that they were right behind each other as they slowly backed up, right until Noel's butt touched Noel's butt.

"YEEEEEEEEK!" They turned around. "AAAAAAAAAAAH!"


Needless to say, the shooting began again in earnest.

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Rated: PG     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Mar 05, 2018   23:52