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Back where they started.

Episode #7826
"I think you're right, maybe it'll even expand our bladders enough to hold on."  The first Samus agreed.
    The 2 girls walked akwardly towards each other so they could connect again.  The now wet floor was making it difficult to balance with their huge bladders.  After 3 painstakingly slow minutes pass by they finally meet up. 
"So I'm how do you want to do this?." Samus 2 asked.
"Don't look at me this was your idea."
"I guess we could press our urethras together again but I don't know how we're going to stay pressed together."
"We at least have to try.  It's our only hope at stopping this."
    The Samus's​ scissor their legs together spraying pee everywhere in the process. 
"Stop pissing all over me!" Samus 1 shouts.
"You're pissing on me too!  I can't control it."
    Finally they manage to line up and ran into each other and the pee finally stops when...

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Rated: X     Author: Nikeryda
Mar 14, 2017   02:07