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Scissoring Samus

Episode #7833
The pee was still doubling inside them. And putting their urethras together wasn't helping. If they pushed harder, there would be more pee, making their bladders hurt a lot. But if they backed away, pee would gush out fast enough to flood the place in seconds. The Samuses could hardly think straight with that much pee, so they couldn't find other solutions.
Eventually, the pressure proves itself to be too much as both of them faint.

Both Samuses woke up at the same time, in an empty and plain white room. They didn't feel any pee in their bladders, allowing them to give a sigh of relief. They were also in the same scissoring position they put themselves in to stop the pee. Embarrassed, they try to move away, only to realize that they are stuck like that.

"What the hell is this?" one Samus asks. "Move away from me!"
"No, you move away from me!" the other Samus replied. "Do you think I would do this?"

Trying to move away, the Samuses squirm around just to get an inch away from their double. Their pussies rub together as well, causing some faint moans to be heard from them.

Finally, they stop and realize that they really can't move from the position. At least I can still move the upper half of my body, they thought.
Now, after all of the struggling between the Samuses…

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Rated: X     Author: Anonymously Anonymous
Nov 21, 2017   21:28