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Episode #7875
Looking to her left, she saw...herself...another Mint, and she seemed to be flickering in and out of existence. Mint stared in disbelief at this woman with her face, and the other Mint did the same. "WHAT'S HAPPENING?"

The other Mint continued to flicker, as though just an illusion...and then the Time Stop fully set in, and as it did, the flickering stopped. The two women were left just staring at each other.

"O-oh dear..."

This had not been what Mint had expected. The combination of the Time stop and the Sorceror's Ring had created a...second her; another Mint Adenade, and now neither girl had any idea of what their next move should be.

"...um..." At a loss for words, the girls found themselves at a crossroads, this is until they remembered why they were here in the first place.

"The tree!" They realized they still needed to heal the World Tree. "I must hurry before the Time Stop fades!" If she used her strongest healing spell, she could do it but...

'That would drain me to an incredible degree! And even then, it might not be enough!' She would have to do it multiple times, and that was not a spell she could do more than once very often.

"What shall I do! I'm all..." Suddenly she looked to the side and saw her clone. "...alone..."

"Oh. Right." They weren't alone. In fact, they had the best possible help for this mission.

"If we combine our healing powers together, we should be able to double the effectiveness of our spells!" One Mint said.

"Yes! Lets do it!" The other replied.

"The two women clasped hands and began to concentrate, gathering the power to cast the spell. They chanted quietly. At the power built up, they felt something.

"Wha..." Suddenly, they was a great surge of energy. As their combined and identical divine power seemed to merge together, greatly amplifying the effect. Both Mints felt is as well.

'Incredible! It's like my healing spells are twice as powerful! Are we...are we somehow boosting each others power?' Whatever the case, Mint (both of her) were now sure they could heal the tree one a few short bursts. They finally gathered the required power.

"REVITALIZE!" They released the healing energies on the tree, and the effect was immediate. They could already see it was recovering it's strength.

"It's working!"
"Yes! We should do it a few more times, just to be sure!"
"Right! I'd say another 3-4 times should do it!"

Both women nodded. They would deal with their new situation after they were done. Right now, the tree was more important.


Mint and Mint were tired. Performing Revitalize so many times, even with their powers boosted, had proven to be rather exhausting. But it had been worth it. The Word Tree was safe, permanently this time. She'd never have to worry about healing it ever again.

And now, she had to deal with the new problem she'd created when solving the old one.

They held each other tight to keep the other from falling, face to face and body to body. Now that there was no longer a crisis to deal with, they had gone back to not really knowing what to do. the Time Stop had worn off, but they were still two people.

"Um...hello." One Mint said weakly (and not just due to awkwardness).
"Hi..." The other could only give a similar weak response.

As they looked upon the restored tree and the work they'd done, they still had to wonder where things would go from here.

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Rated: G     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Mar 26, 2017   18:07