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The Binds that Bind

Episode #7899
During their furious thrashing about while trying to subdue each other Chun-li and Chun-li paused as a tell-tale closing of their cuffs resounded through the night air. Breathing hard from their physical struggling the two Chinese Interpol agents separated from the other's familiar embrace to see where exactly their hand cuffs had gotten to during their encounter. Though the alleyway was dimly lit the feel of tugging on their legs confirmed that they were now joined at the ankles by two very sturdy cuffs.

"Look at what you did!" the Chun-li dressed in blue accused the other, tugging her right leg and confirmed that the cuffs were quite securely fastened. "What I did? This is all your fault! If you just came along quietly we wouldn't be in this situation!" The red garbed Chun-li retorted, pulling her cuffed left leg back to regain her footing. "It looks like I'm going to have to drag you back to my office so I can undo the lock, there's a skeleton key there." "Oh no we aren't! If anything, we're going back to MY office and then I'll be able to get away from you!"

The two Chun-lis were once again right back in each other's faces, their bodies once again pressed against each other aggressively half because they refused to back down and half because now they couldn't take a step away from each other even if they wanted to.

"Are you going to come along quietly, or am I going to have to make you!?" Both Chun-lis threatened - both knowing that any physical action they'd like to take against the other would now be seriously hampered

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Rated: PG     Author: blueversusred
Apr 04, 2017   05:23