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Bladder Confrontation

Episode #7904
The girls feel that their lower body parts are merging even more. Their pussies vanished and slowly both bladders move towards each other.

“Look, our bodies merge even more” Samus 1 points out.

“Yah, but it’s no solution to our problem. We still have to pee!” Samus 2 reminds.

Soon their bladders come into contact with each other and their bodies fuse further together. It doesn’t take long time and in their combined body was only room for one full bladder, but they refuse to merge. The bladders are pressed against each other, which increases the pressure further. The girls promptly feel, there is something wrong.

“What’s happening down there?” Samus 2 minds.

“Ouch. I don’t know, but the urge to pee hurts.”

Their bladders fight over the small space between their bellies.

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Rated: R     Author: 1xxx1
Apr 03, 2017   23:46