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Refreshen your Spirits.

Episode #7909
Mint and Mint could only lean against each other, bodies barely managing to stay on their feet. Both girls felt as thought they would collapse if they were holding each other up. It didn't make their situation any less awkward, especially since their chests mushroomed against each other, squashing the rival pair flat and causing both women to blush profusely.

"Excuse me...ooooh!" They tried to separate, but their knees buckled and they fell into each other again, only avoiding falling over because the other was in her way.

"I'm...sorry...I...m-my body has no strength..." One Mint admitted.
"Me too! I don't think it's a good idea for us to release each other just yet." The other responded.

It felt weird to be held like this...or to be more precise, it was who was holding her that made it feel weird. They both blushed again at their closeness. They were both girls, but still, something about this felt a bit too intimate.

Mint and Mint suddenly felt a familiar presence; something warm and protective. They both recognized it and looked over to see a women with light greenish hair, green eyes and a staff with wings at the head that resembled foliage.

"Martel..." The Summon Spirit of the World Tree had once again appeared to them.

"Thank you Mint! Because of your efforts, Ygdrassil is once again safe!" Martel smiled at them. "Now, I believe there is the matter of your current situation."

"What...what is wrong with her?" Both Mints asked, and Martel couldn't help at smile at their concern for each other rather than for herself...well...kinda.

"You both used a large amount of your your own divine power to restore the tree. You even unknowingly tapped into your very life force!" Martel explained. "Had you been alone, you'd be dead right now, but there being two of you, you were able to split the difference and share the burden instead."

Mint and Mint were flabbergasted. Her life force? What would happen to her now? Was her life reduced?

"Worry not. You're current situation means it can be restored, but it will take time. If you help each other, you'll both be back to full strength and live long and healthy lives."

The two Mints were relieved to hear that. One Mint took the other's hands in her own, entwining her fingers with that of her twin. The other instant reciprocated (or perhaps, she did the same thing at the same moment; it was difficult to tell).

"Did you hear that? We'll be ok!"
"Yes! It's a great relief!"

They realized they were holding hands, and again blushed, but neither let go.

"Anyway, since you are the same, you're energies are compatible. Whenever you cast spells together, you amplify each other's power, as I'm sure you already noticed." Martel explained.

Both girls nodded, remembering their first casting of Revitalize together.

"Well, you will heal and restore each others strength, though it will take time, and... it will require some more unique methods than what either of you are used to.

"Of course! I'd be dead if not for her!" Both said. This lead to more blushing as they stared at each other.
"Thank you."
"No. I should thank you!"
"No, no. You're the one who..."
"But if not for you...!"

Martel sighed, as the ridiculously polite argument continued. It was though they were trying to out-thank each other. She walked up to them and place a hand on both their shoulders.

"Perhaps, you should just both accept the other's gratitude." She told them. Both Mints took the hint: when a goddess (which is more or less what Martel was) tells you to shut up, you shut up.

"So, how it it that we'll heal each other?"
"Yes! I was wondering the same."

"Well, first, you need to restore your energies. That will take some time. For now, start with casting the charge spell." Martel said.

Charge restored the energy a person used for spells. However, it often cost nearly as much to use as the energy that was sent out. Using it on herself was usually out of the question, but now she wasn't alone.

Still clasping hands, Mint and Mint took Martel's advice. As they prepared the spell, they felt the same effect as before: an incredible surge of power, far greater than anything they'd felt before. they hadn't even fully cast the spell, and they could already feel results.

Martel watched them. 'Forgive me Mint! This is for both of your own goods!'

"CHARGE!" Mint and Mint finished their preparation and cast the spell. As they did so, Martel took action...

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Rated: G     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Apr 01, 2017   19:19