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Bladder go boom-boom

Episode #7936
Suddenly one of the bladders explode.

According to Samus, it felt twice as bad as splitting. And due to the fact that they share the same body, the other Samus could feel it too.
We might not know whose bladder exploded, but the pain of that, happening in less than a second, was enough to make both of them pass out.

Both of them wake up in what appears to be a hospital. They wake up on one of the hospital beds, exhausted. As they see a doctor walk by, they ask him "What happened?".

"One of your bladders exploded," he replies. "It caused too much damage to your excretory system. So, we decided to have you two share some organs then."

Since they couldn't believe what they heard, the Samuses pull the blanket off and check. Indeed he was right, from the waist up they were separate people but from the waist down they had only one set of everything else and they had to share it all. None of them liked the idea of having to share everything with someone else, and as soon as they could, they would try to claim the one vagina for themselves.

They had no idea what their lives would be like from now on. None of us did.

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Rated: PG     Author: Anonymously Anonymous
Jul 08, 2017   06:29