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Clamping Bladders

Episode #7937
Suddenly Samus 2's body cramps, especially her bladder muscle which forces the urine into Samus 1' bladder.

Both started to scream. Semis' 2 cause of the cramp and Samus 1 cause of the immense pressure in her bladder.

"I think my bladder is going to explode" Samus 1 expects.

But the pressure just leads that her body cramps and presses all the pee into Samus 2.

Before she could say anything about the pain, her body cramps again and the pee flows back into Samus 1.

It doesn't remain there for long, as Samus 1 clamp and shoots the pee into Samus 2, again.

This went on and on, as both their bladders want to get rid of the fluid.

Eventually their bodies clamp simultaneously.

Where should the pee go now?

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Rated: G     Author: 1xxx1
Apr 15, 2017   23:54