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Sweet dreams are made of....

Episode #7959
It was at that exact moment that they realized they had no clue what they would do next now that they'd come this far (farther than either had intended). They couldn't go back to hiding (not only because that was a massive step backwards, but also because there was a part of them that could not bring herself to run from the other) and they knew fighting was pointless, so what now?

"...maybe...we're still dreaming?" One said.

"...is this possibly our dream?" The other spoke at the same time.

They blinked. Neither had expected the other to have the same idea. The entire thing was far too insane. Perhaps, none of it was real, and Pyrrha was still asleep at the top of the hill.

"It all did start with a dream..."
"...But we didn't wake up when we fell down the hill..."
"So, perhaps that's part of it..."
"...then how would we wake up..."

They couldn't help but look at each other as they spoke. A single thought ran through both their heads:

'She's....rather cute...' It was there before either could stop it, and now that they'd thought it, they couldn't unsee it. In fact, they couldn't help but notice everything about each other: Pyrrha's curves, Pyrrha's demure voice, Pyrrha's shapely legs and curves...

'What...WHAT AM I THINKING?' They turned away from each other, blushing (and hoping the other would just mistake it for her being lost in thought).

"If...if we want to wake up, it might take something big..."
"Something that would shock us out of this dream..."

They turned back to face each other again and by accident, their faces ended up much closer, but just as before, they couldn't pull away. They could feel the other's trembling, as though...as though...

An idea came to them. Was this really a dream? Did the other really think so? It might not matter, because a powerful urge came over them...and neither could resist.

"I...I think I have an idea..." One began.
"I m-may have a plan..."Again, the other said the same thing at the same moment.

"...that is, if you aren't afraid." They finished in synch. They were so close, they could feel the other's breath on their faces. Their free hands found each other and clasped together, and now both hands had fingers entwined. They moved closer.

"W-what....is your plan?" Both asked, but they already knew. If this was a dream, then perhaps they could wake themselves by doing something they'd never do under normal circumstances; something they'd be far too afraid to try with anyone else...but they could do it with each other. The longer they were around one another, the more safe they felt...the more...strange desires welled up within them.

'She...won't hurt me...or use me...and...I want to...help her...'

They moved in closer, and now their lips lightly brushed together, and an electric shock surged through their bodies. Just from that slight touch.

But Pyrrha didn't pull back.

Then, they let the rest of their bodies meet: Pyrrha's chest met Pyrrha's chest, causing them to mushroom together and even through the fabric of their clothing, they felt their nipples stab directly into each other, causing them to gasp.

Next their legs brushed against each other, and the bit of bare skin of their upper thighs found each other as well. Each one realized her leg was now firmly nestled between the other's legs.

'What am I doing...' But they still didn't pull back; they held that position for what felt like centuries.

"You...you aren't afraid are you?" Fear. Fear had driven her for so long: Fear of death; fear of being left alone; fear of everything.

But she wasn't afraid. She felt no fear at the current situation. It was no wonder she wanted to go further. To be able to do this without being crippled by her own weakness was...liberating.

"...no..." They both moved in closer until their lips met. Neither hesitate to open her mouth and let the other in. The feeling was indescribable. Their bodies trembled, not from fear, but from anticipation as they went deeper and deeper.


Needless to say, Pyrrha and Pyrrha were enjoying themselves quite a bit, and they'd be doing so for some time.

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Apr 16, 2017   00:35