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They pass out

Episode #7965
Suddenly the girls pass out.  A few hours later they wake up in what seems to be a doctors office.  Their bladder are back to normal and they're not stuck together anymore.  Before they have any time to question what happened a doctor walks in. 
"You girls were in quite the pickle there.  There was a chemical leak in the room you were training in that cloned you.  We're lucky it didn't completely mess up your cells."
"H-How can something like that happen?" asked Samus 2.
"We aren't exactly sure, but well here you two are."
"What are we going to do about there being two of us now?" asked Samus 1
"I suggest you live together for the time being until we can figure this out.  If there are any symptoms give me a call."
The girls took the doctors card and went to their house.  Exhausted they both went straight to bed together and went to sleep. 

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Rated: PG     Author: Nikeryda
Apr 23, 2017   19:41