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Getting to know each other

Episode #7979
The Power Girls met in a kiss; at first gentle and tender with lips carefully pressing together, and then with growing eagerness as one mouth parted to let the other’s tongue in. Both women moaned obscenely as they broke the kiss.

“Good start,” one remarked.

“It gets better,” the other countered. She raised a gloved hand, finger extended. The other Power Girl understood exactly what she intended and opened her mouth. The finger went in slowly and smoothly, and Power Girl watched her double suck on her finger hungrily.

The flame that burned between her legs got a little bit hotter.

“That’s a good girl,” she murmured, leaning closer to her partner’s ear, and then slapped her on her pert, firm rear. Power Girl let out a muffled yelp, glaring at her double, and then smirked. She closed her mouth around the finger again, and Power Girl felt a tugging on her glove. The other Power Girl pulled it off, teeth digging into the leather, and then spat the glove out onto the ground, quickly re-engulfing the finger with her wet mouth. Power Girl moaned as she felt a wet tongue caress her finger, sliding coyly around it.

The Power Girl sucking her double’s finger closed her hands around her partner’s breast; even though both layers of fabric she felt how firm and springy they were, fitting perfectly into her hands. She squeezed, just to hear the sensual moan erupting from the other heroine’s mouth.

Two could play at that game, Power Girl decided, and with her free hand repaid her double by pulling down on the costume’s boob window and freeing her voluptuous boobs. Both women reflexively squeezed and groaned at the feel of hands on their skin. It was so different from being with a human; no matter how hard they tried it was like being tickled with a feather duster: fine for a while, but inevitably frustrating. How great it felt to be handled by someone with actual strength, for once!

The Power Girls paused for a moment to take each other in; each with their hands closed around the other’s breasts.

“I think this would be more fun without the gloves,” the Power Girl wearing both gloves murmured quietly. Fitting actions to words, she tossed her gloves away from her.

“Smart and sexy,” the other remarked, pulling her own remaining glove off. She tossed it aside, and her double used the distraction to yank her boob window down, leaving both pairs of lovely breasts exposed and both pairs of nipples hard and firm. The Power Girl on the receiving end yelped.

“Bitch,” she said, without any heat behind it.

The other Power Girl laughed. “You love it,” she snarked, and pulled her double back into a kiss. Despite her feigned reluctance, the other went eagerly.            

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Apr 17, 2017   06:15