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Superpowered Yuri

Episode #7980
The air shuddered with a deafening roar as the two superheroines took off high into the sky, looking like two comets flying side by side before stopping and turning towards each other. The two heroines' lips crashed together with thousands of tons of force as their equally powerful tongues wrestled inside their mouths. This was an entirely new and intriguing experience for Kara. With most lovers, Kara had to be extremely gentle, always carefully holding back her strength to avoid killing her partner. But now she had someone who could not only withstand her strength, but return it in full upon her. This was a rare opportunity to cut loose and truly go all out!

Both Power Girls hugged each other's bodies with enough force to crush a diamond. Their massive, powerful breasts mushroomed against the only other pair of breasts in the world that could make them deform so. The two broke their kiss and tilted their heads back in ecstasy as their clits came into contact. One Power Girl suddenly pushed herself up a bit, her body rubbing against her double's. Then she pushed herself downward as the other pushed herself up, and back and forth they went. Breasts ground against breasts, nipples clashing against nipples along the way. Steel-hard abs ground against steel-hard abs. Invincible labia ground against invincible labia as clit struck clit. Faster and faster they went, until soon they were repeating the motion thousands of times per second. Their costumes quickly burned away to ash and fell off. Their flesh began to glow bright red from the immense heat their friction was generating, but to them it only felt like a pleasant tingling sensation.

Suddenly having the same idea, they broke off and looked at each other, grinning with anticipation. They turned in midair to angle their pelvises at each other, spread their legs, and suddenly rocketed towards each other. Their pussies slammed together at 98.7% of the speed of light, releasing a massive shockwave. Once again, pussy ground against pussy with force that could crush a steel girder. After a few minutes of this, the two tilted their upper bodies towards each other, and thrusted out their massive tits. With a quick tilt of their backs, their tits smashed together at 99.3% of lightspeed, creating another shockwave. Thouroughly enjoying this, they collided their powerful breasts together again and again, releasing shockwave after shockwave.

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Rated: X     Author: deux_bag
Apr 17, 2017   02:19