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Episode #7986
After some breast smashes, they both want to smash other of their body parts together. Power Girl loves to press her butt against other butt, but nobody was able to apply enough force to withstand her pushes. Even when she tried to rub her ass against a steal beam or a concrete wall, she must restrain herself not to crush them.
But this time is different.

“Do you want to smash you ass against mine?” One Kara asked.

“I would love to!”

Both turned around, so that their asses face one another. They fly about 5 ft from each other to build up momentum and smashed their asses together. This created a massive shockwave, but it was too weak for them.

“This feels wonderful, but don’t you think this was to soft?”

“Yes it is. Let’s try again with more power.”

This time they fly 10 yards apart, to gain more momentum. Both accelerated and bang their butts at a speed of about 99.9% of lightspeed together. The shockwave was so powerful that it almost sent both over the edge of orgasm. However, for them it isn’t enough.

“I am so aroused, let’s do it again.”

“Me too. I nearly came. But this time at full power.”

They both fly far away from each other, to be able to accelerate to full speed.

“You’re ready”

“Yes, let’s go”

Both speed up with their asses on a collision course. They crash together and caused a bright flash followed by an almighty shockwave. This tip both Power Girls over the edge and they orgasm.

They want to turn around to kiss each other, but something hinder them. Eventually they find the reason. Due to their enormous force, the atoms in their asses rearranged and their butts fused together.

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Rated: R     Author: Con
Apr 24, 2017   19:04