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Duplicates: Duplicated.

Episode #7988
Powergirl and powergirl continue smashing their titties together, enjoying every moment of it, every shockwave passing over them a nearly orgasmic feeling in every unbreakable bone of their perfect bodies.

and then...

"What the fuck?" The two karas turn towards the source of the voice, seeing... Two more karas. Clad in black versions of their supersuit, the two additional powergirls pull away from each other- clearly, they had a similar idea to the first two.

"Sorry girls, we were kinda here first! plenty of sky though, so..." one of the good powergirls calls out.

"Fuck off!" one of the bad ones replies.

The second good powergirl glances at the first, then back at the two identical villainesses.

one of the dark powergirls puts her hand on the other's wrist. "C'mon babe, let's show these skanks what happens when they invade our turf!"

The original powergirl just continues to stare. "i... am not sure what's happening right now."

"Enough talk!" barks both evil powergirls at once, as they...

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Rated: X     Author: <Mbk · decoy · email @ gmail · com>
Apr 17, 2017   03:55