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First things first

Episode #7994
The dark Power Girls pause for a moment, and look at each other. "But first things first" they say to each other. They then proceed to do just as the Power Girls had done moments before, clutching together and rubbing their invulnerable bodies together at hyper speed, experiencing pleasure as never before. In a flash their bodies are glowing red from the friction and their costumes are burned off, leaving them naked and aglow just like the other pair of Power Girls. After a few last hypersonic breast bashes to take the edge off, the dark Power Girls face off against their opposites.

Each Power Girl now locks eyes with the Power Girl across from her, floating 10 feet away. Then their eyes move down and fix on the others breasts. Already aroused from playing with her partner, each Power Girl now wants to 1. Beat down the Power Girl (dark or not) across from her while 2. Getting off and dominating her sexually at the same time. So as one each pair rockets towards the other pair, but upright and with breasts thrust out. Each pair of breasts meets its match. Each pair of Power Girls slams into another pair, nipples meeting head on and pushing each other back, then breasts meeting and doing the same. The force and resulting shockwave sends all 4 flying back from the points of impact.

They recover and hover, each with a counterpart roughly 50 feet ahead and 50 feet to her right or left. EAch is fairly sure the one to her left or right is her original partner, but the fact that all are identically naked, identically caressing their own identically sore and reddened breasts, makes this an uncertain proposition.

On to round 2.

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Rated: R     Author: SF5
Apr 17, 2017   19:09