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Powerful threesome

Episode #7997
The two Power Girls slid more deeply into their embrace, arms wrapped around each other. Both women accepted the other’s tongue eagerly into their mouth, clasping each other’s elbows as they continued the deep kiss.

“Mm, that looks like fun.”

Both Power Girls whirled around, quickly readying themselves for another fight, only to see yet another Power Girl float down gently to the ground.

“Where are we all coming from?” One of the original Power Girls griped.

“Alternate universes? Alternate timelines? I don’t know, can we just have sex already?” the other snapped, clearly impatient.

“Do you have room for one more?” the newcomer inquired, already pulling down her own boob window as she advanced upon her doubles. They shared a glance, coming to the same conclusion.

“I think we can squeeze you in,” they replied in unison, and all three women came together in a much more involved embrace.

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Rated: R     Author: i
May 19, 2017   07:45