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Even More Pee

Episode #8018
Now that the Samuses have merged into a queen style body.
They are connected by the area where the pussy should be. They also share a bladder and one pair of legs between them. On the legs, there is no left or right foot, as the big toe is right in the middle of the foot.

Now it was silent. A bit quiet.
Then, that silence was broken when one of the Samuses said, "I really need to pee!".

It was true. Even though the bladders merged and are bigger, with more space, the amount of pee in both bounty hunters combined was enough to immediately fill the new shared bladder.

"Yeah," the other Samus replied. "Come on, all we have to do is just go to the bathroom. How hard can it be?

Unfortunately, it was easier said than done.

First was the matter of walking. With a unique body structure and the weight of two people to support, the legs seemed to be useless. So, each Samus used their arms and crabwalked away.

Next was direction. With the way they were walking, only one Samus would be able to see where they were going. So, that one Samus had to give directions. Of course, this part led to lots of bickering between the two.

Finally, after several bumps are arguments later, they arrived at the bathroom. It was just a small room with a toilet and a sink, and it was made for the use of one person at a time, so it was pretty crowded in there for the Samuses.

So, they were finally going to be able to relieve themselves.
But then...

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Rated: R     Author: Anonymously Anonymous
Jul 08, 2017   06:06