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Super Tug-o-War

Episode #8023
But tried to fly away from each other, but were hold back by their combined butts.

This situation enraged both, but on the other side it aroused them, too.
So they tried stronger and stronger to part their cheeks again.
But it didn’t seem that they would free themselves, their skin just stretched more.
Cause this feeling aroused them, they didn't want to stop. But they didn't want to show the other one, they get turned on and tried to hide it by anger.

They already use so much force that their skin stretches some yards and further. Finally the pulling force of their skin gets as strong as their flying motion into the opposite direction
and they stop.
Both know that there was very much potential energy in their way to far stretched cheeks. They both knew that their power would fade sooner or later. They didn't know how to avoid the inevitable. However both didn’t want to show any weakness. They looked like a chewing gum which was pulled in opposite directions.

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Rated: PG     Author: Con
Aug 17, 2017   22:56