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Katie rumble

Episode #8052
They look at eachother in awe. Each feeling possessive of the bottle they reach for it and their hands meet. Their eyes jet to the others and they ask simultaneously "What are you doing" "I'm taking the bottle" "No your not I'm the real Katie" "Stop copying me" With that they each put both hands firmly on the bottle and they have a tug of war. Both women looking extremely sexy in their bathing suits are in a tightly contested match with their exact duplicate. After minutes of tugging each begins to lose grip on the bottle. In seconds the bottle flies and lands 10 yards away from both Katies. With a mere glimpse each Katie goes for the bottle and engage in tangling limbs and mushrooming their perfect breast together. They are in a battle of survival, or so they think and they claw and grab hair. One Katie slaps the other while having one hand full of hair and her legs intertwined with the other. The opposing Katie has one hand full of hair and is digging her nails into her opponent with her legs in the mess as well. Both truly believe they are Katie and will not let the other have the bottle. Their boyfriend comes on the scene to see 2 of his girlfriend's rolling around in the sand and then suddenly he sees they both notice him and within seconds he hears two identical voices in a struggle say "Babe (Ugh) Hand me......That bottle" as their continuous catball proceeds raw flesh against flesh, Legs on legs, boobs on cleavage, Katie on Katie .

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Rated: R     Author: 22double
May 15, 2017   03:43