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Joe is in control

Episode #8055
Joe, thought carefully as he saw his sexy Indian girlfriend going toe to toe with herself.

Although the fight did arouse him and he enjoyed both of them fighting tit to tit in the sand as they both pleaded to him and rolled around, he needed to do something more.

"Okay" Joe spoke "break it up"

Hearing these words both Katies let eachother go and disassembled their limbs.

"Alright babe hand me the bottle" one Katie begged with an outstretched hand

"No baby, give me the bottle she's the fake" the other said as she moved the others hand away and outstretched her own.

"Don't listen to her, I'm the real Katie not her and I need that bottle to get rid of her" the other Katie said as she shoved the others hand down

The other Katie not happy answered "No I'm the Katie and I need that bottle to get rid of her" as she shoved the other

The two exchanged shoves then squared up again ready to have  a round 2 with eachother until Joe intervened.

"I already know how I'm going to decide who gets the bottle"

Both Katies asked "How" looking at him then quickly at eachother with annoyed looks, then back to Joe.

"Your both going to compete by doing what I say and the winner will get the bottle."

Both Katies nodded and one asked "What will we be doing"

Joe smirked and said "Well first things first, let's see how much you two really want this bottle, kiss eachother"

Upon hearing this both Katies had looks of disgust and confusion and they said "I'm not kissing her" looking eachother up and down

"Well you must not want it that bad" Joe said

Both Katies looked repulsed but then one asked "How long do we have to kiss?"

"I hope your not expecting a makeout session" the other Katie added

Joe smiled and said "Just a pop for now"

Both Katies screamed in unison "FOR NOW!! YOU MEAN THERE'S MORE AFTER THIS?"

"Lets take this one step at a time" Joe demanded

Both Katies looked at eachother knowing what had to be done and simultaneously they said "You better not like this"

They each puckered their lips and leaned in for a quick kiss and before Joe's eyes their lips touched as each one had cooperated.

After the kiss each one began to spit on eachother.

"Eeewww you taste horrible" both Katies said to eachother

Joe stood in awe now fully understanding the control he had, he was thinking of what he would make them do next.

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Rated: R     Author: 22double
Jun 18, 2018   08:50