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Cloning Control

Episode #8079
"Yeah? What do you want to do?"
"Maybe I will finally pee into you!"
"You tried it before and that doesn't work, we are the same full."
"Not if I try to clone me pee further so that i get the upper hand." Samus 1 started to concentrate to duplicate her pee.
"That won't wo..." In that moment Samus 1 pee cloned and flowed into Samus 2.
"What did you just want say?" Samus 1 said.
Still shocked by this event, Samus 2 wanted to strike back:
"If you can do that I can too."
Samus 2 started also to control the cloning of her pee.

Both tried to outdo each other by cloning their pee faster. Their bladders expand to the size of a basketball.
Usually a human bladder would burst at the half size but nothing seems normal here.
Also, their urethras are widening cause of the immense pressure.

Suddenly the pressure gets so high that it found a way out and sprays into the air, but it was not enough to decrease the pressure.
Finally it happened that both fly about two feet backwards and the pee flows freely out of their bladders and collided in the middle between both.
Both know if the collision point enters one of them, her bladder would finally explode.

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Rated: X     Author: 1xxx1
Jun 28, 2017   23:22