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Pee Collision

Episode #8086
They both wanted to prove they are better than her clone.
Their pee meets exactly in the middle between both and cancel each other out. It splashes in every direction.
They do not care about the mess their pee is doing.
It is a battle over the right to exist.
The two pee streams are trying to force the other back
Slowly Samus 2 manages to increase the pressure and get the upper hand by forcing Samus 1's pee jet back.
The collision point nearly enters Samus 1 pussy. There are only moments left and she will lose.
But she finds a new motivation and successes to push Samus 2's pee stream back.
Now the collision point moved to Samus 2. She already gets a little nervous. It finally reaches Samus 2 urethra and forcing a cry from Samus 2. Her bladder starts to expand cause her pee couldn't escape.
But she doesn't give up and establishes to fight Samus 1's pee back.
The connection point gradually moves back to the center where it halts.
It was a fight to keep their large bladders from exploding.
Both tried to show no signs of weakness.
"I will win." Samus 1 shouts.
"In your dreams" Samus 2 replied.
The collision point moves just back and forth as both tried everything they had to win this battle.
Finally the pressure they can produce reaches its peak and their pee jets collide exactly in the middle.

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Rated: X     Author: 1xxx1
Jul 15, 2017   18:10