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Power Suit Located

Episode #8095
Samus was sneaking around the ship carefully. She had lost her powersuit out of the blue and believed the thief to still be on the ship. Luckily she got a recommended remote shutdown on the suit, so the thief must've been trapped in there.

Sneaking around, she found her powersuit lying in the training room. She opened it up to see who was inside and knocking into her rolls out another Samus.

Landing with the Samus that was in the suit on top of her, breast to breast, face to face, and blushing lightly, they got up and a tense atmosphere arrived.

"Who are you?" The Samus not in the suit before asks. "And what are you doing with my powersuit? "

"I should be asking who you are," the other one said. "This is my powersuit,  I won't let an imposter take it."

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Rated: PG     Author: Anonymously Anonymous
Dec 26, 2018   06:00