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No urethra

Episode #8100
They managed to place themselves over the toilet and tried to open the floodgates.
However, there was no vagina nither an urethra to pee out of.
There was a bladder which was filled from two sides with urine and because the only openings of their shared bladder were their Ureters, which fill the bladder, their bodies produce even more urine so that the pee is not forced back into their bodies.
"I really have to pee. I am begging you to let me pee." Samus 1 whined.
"I also have to pee, you genius. We share the same bladder, but there is no vagina." Samus 2 complained.
Both started to cry because they didn't find salvation and the urine in their bladder steadily increased.

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Rated: X     Author: 1xxx1
Jul 15, 2017   19:16