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Episode #8108
"I still really need to pee" both Samuses cried out in unison. They attempted to stand up but found it difficult to walk on their newly shared legs and immediately collapsed to the floor with their legs feeling like jello. "We need to figure out how to work together otherwise our bladder may explode again" cried out the Samus on the left. "Agreed, you try the left leg and I'll try to walk with the right leg" said the Samus on the right.  It seemed to be working as the conjoined Samuses hobbled their way towards the door. They weren't fast enough though and the floodgates began to open as the two Samuses had no idea how to gain control over their shared blatter. "Hold it in you bitch!" They exclaimed at the same time. "I'm trying but I can't control it!" They both answered. The two Samuses finally made their way to the door as the pee gushed out of their shared vagina when...

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Jul 28, 2017   06:12