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To the Victors go the spoils

Episode #8116
The two Athenas regained consciousness a few hours later, long after the crowds audience had left. The show was had long since ended, and many were calling it the best one Athena had put on.

But the two Psycho Soldiers didn't know about any of that; still laying in each other's arms, the Athenas smiled at each other.

"You were great Athena!"
"You were wonderful Athena!"

Despite the wooziness from the DKO, they were both on a huge high; Athena had got to compete against her idol, and she'd held her own wonderfully. Not only that, she'd been able to show Athena the depth of her feelings. The only thing she'd hadn't been able to do was win, but she was ok with that.

"I guess I owe you an autograph now." One Athena said.

"Oh no! I couldn't accept that!" The other replied, to the surprise of the first Athena. "You defeated me, so if anything, I'm the one who owes you an autograph!"

"What? No! That wouldn't be right! You won the fight so you should get the prize!"

This had been unexpected. Neither had considered the idea that the other would consider herself the loser and refuse her well deserved reward. Both women felt the other had triumphed, but as the fight was a draw, they could also both say that they lost.

Athena and Athen dragged themselves to their feet, leaning against each other for support. This was a complicated situation.

'I can't accept this! She defeated me! I should be the one rewarding her, just as we agreed!'

'It would be wrong for me to claim a victory! I lost fair and square, and she won, and that's the truth!'

Once again, Athena and Athen could feel it: they could feel how strongly the other felt about this. looking into her twin's eyes, they realized that the other wouldn't be Athena if she didn't act this way.

For a moment, both girls wondered what they would do about things, fortunately, there was a solution.

"Hello ladies!" They looked to their left and saw the suited man again. "Wonderful show and all. Now I noticed you are having a disagreement about who should receive the reward and all." Athena and Athena nodded.

"Well, yes, it is an issue. If both of you see it as a loss, then until it's settled, neither one can give the other the autographed picture." He said.

Athena and Athena turned to each other again. "Are you sure you don't want it?" Both of them asked. For a moment, they both considered changing their minds, after all, when would she get another opportunity for this, but Athena stood fast. "Yes. What about you?" They both knew the answer. 'Of course she won't. Athena is too honourable to accept something she doesn't believe she's earned.' Both women only nodded, confirming the other's thoughts.

"Very well then. For the time being, the autograph will be postponed." The Suited man said. "I'll leave it up to the two of you to decide what happens next." He walked off, leaving the Athenas alone.

"Are you ok with this? You worked so hard!" Athena asked Athena.

"It's ok. I really did want that autograph. I can't deny that, but...I got to sing with you, and even fight against you. Plus, we made so many people happy. I can't say I got nothing out of it!" Athena replied, making Athena smile.

"I feel the same way actually! So I guess things worked out."

Despite this, both felt there was still more they could do for the other. She deserved something for all the effort she'd put in, but what.

'Well, there is another type of autograph I could give her.' Both thought It was...unorthodox, but each was sure the other wouldn't complain. Athena and Athena turned away from each other, each lost in thought, and blushing slightly.

"So...I can't give you that picture..." both started, not realizing where the situation was headed, "but there is another autograph I can give you." And with that, they both turned their heads back towards the other and leaned in for a kiss.

The idea had been to kiss the other on the cheek, a more intimate and personal autograph than simply signing a picture. That had been the idea, but neither had expected the other to turn away, or turn back, or lean in at the same moment. Simply put, they hadn't counted on mirroring each other, so what was supposed to be a kiss on the cheek...


...became a full on kiss on the lips. Athena's eyes went as wide as saucers. They stood there, in total shock at their situation, not sure what to do, and unable to even pull away due to their mutual surprise, as Athena's lips practically swallowed Athena's lips.

'....w-wha....WHAT!?' Both girls just stopped thinking, completely shocked at the situation, and completely clueless about what to do next.

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Rated: PG     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Nov 25, 2017   17:19