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Vagina vanished again

Episode #8144
While they peed the vagina vanished and the urine was trapped again.
"What have you done?" Samus 1 shouted.
"I haven't done anything. Why did it disappear?"
"Probably, cause you complained about its size and now we don't have one at all"
"No, it happened because you didn't push hard enough."
"You want me to push harder? - You can have it" Samus 1 squeezed her side of the bladder.
"Hey. No. What are you doing? - I don't mean, now" Samus 2's side of the bladder expanded cause there was no other space to go for the urine.
"You said I push too weak. Now, I push as hard I could."
"Okay. Two can play that game." Samus 2 started to press on her side of the bladder.
The shared bladder was squeezed from all sides and the urine got compressed.

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Rated: X     Author: 1xxx1
Jul 16, 2017   14:33