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One becomes two again

Episode #8150
The two somehow pushed ever harder and then suddenly split apart again.  The girls were happy at first but they soon noticed a problem.  Everything on their bodies was back to the was it was before.  One thing was missing though, their vaginas.  The only thing there was smooth skin. 
"What the hell my pussy is still missing!"  yelled Samus 2.
"Same here.  This never would've happened if you didn't comment about the size of our old one!"  yelled back Samus 1.
"You think you can blame this all on me?  I'll show you!"
Samus 2 suddenly pressed hard on the other Samus's bladder.   
"Ow!  I can still fight back you know!" 
Samus 1 fought back and punched the other Samus in the bladder. 

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Rated: X     Author: Nikeryda
Jul 17, 2017   02:39