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Clouded emotion

Episode #8159
Purcell wanted to do it again and again they did and it seemed that this competitive challenge with herself every night kept her happy. She would battle with her identical foe for the honor of pleasing her Pharaoh. She became curious and asked Xero "Xero my love how is it that you can tell me from my impostor every night" Xero wanting to sound impressive said "My dear your beauty cannot be replicated I know which is which at all times" Purcell smiled and kissed him then went to prepare for the night. She wore red and when she saw her identical self appear she wore blue then Xero walked in " Ah what a pleasant surprise" Xero said and the two giggled and looked at eachother they all got in bed and were about to begin when Xero heard the bell of summoning to the throne room he excused himself and then the two Purcells laid their. They each looked at one another and spoke "You'll be gone by first light tommorow" "What" "How dare you talk to your superior like that" Each one naked grabbed the other and began rolling until they fell off the bed. In a tangled mess full of erotic pleasure they clawed and wrestled to make their opponent submit one spoke "Its not use he told me my beauty is unmatched so face it we are not equals" the other interrupted "bull shit he told me that and I'm sure he'll gladly be sure to be rid of you early" each one taking turns being on top and rubbing thighs against thighs came forehead to fore head and spoke "I'll get rod of you myslef and each clawed for the others throat and with all the tussle the two women managed to claw eachothers choked off which was the only thing differentiating them. When Xero returned and said "oh my I'm gone for 5 minutes and you two can't keep your hands off one another, May we continue" they all got in bed and he was to high headed to notice when he woke up the next morning with both of either side he looked and saw their chokers had been removed he panicked and went to the steam room to clear his mind. After 15 minutes in the steam room he heard a fuss. When he entered his room he saw both Purcells fighting for a robe. Each one bumping the other trying to obtain it and when they saw Xero they spoke simultaneously "my Pharaoh can you get rid of her now" each one angered by the others words grabbed eachothers hair with one and and a boob with the other and wrestled their catfight down to the floor and they spoke again " I can see your enjoying this but I'm tired of her already" still rolling and slapping and pulling the identical counterparts fought until finally they pushed off eachother and got to their feet.
Each pointed at the other and said "Xero get rid of her already" both smiled and stepped up coming cleavage to cleavage both pressing on one another and they said simultaneously "he knows I am the genuine Purcell right Xero" they looked and saw confusion in his face and seeing he was silent they pressed harder into one another now squeezing breast and stomachs together they turned there heads going cheek to cheek and said "Xero why are you not getting rid of her if you let us continue will tear up all of Egypt" and then they turned back to eachother now so close their noses bent against the others and their lips crushing the others and both didn't care that they were this close and all personal space between them was nonexistent they were full of anger and the thought that this identical women would be gone and that only they would remain. They stayed pressed on eachother waiting for Xero to make a move....

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Rated: G     Author: 22double
Jul 17, 2017   07:02