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Just a normal morning...

Episode #8169
Leena stood on the pier, watching the other kids (all younger than her) swimming.

A swim would be nice, but it was her job to watch over all of them, so she was the only one not enjoying the nice cool water.

"And I wanted to get some Komodo scales for a necklace too!" She grumbled aloud, but duty called first. Then again, if her partner hadn't been late, maybe she could have gotten them, but said partner was nowhere to be seen.

'Just thinking about it makes me mad!' Leena thought to herself. She'd been left on her own. When she was done here, she'd give her friend a piece of her mind, along with a few other things.

The kids were having a good time, and it didn't look like they planned to stop for a while She was gonna be stuck here all day.

And indeed she did spend all day on the pier. By the time the kids were done playing, the sun was going down.

"God, I'm so tired!"Leena let loose a yawn."Time to get some sleep, and then, I'm going to have a talk with...."She yawned before she could finish the sentence. "Bah! Sleep now. Anger later." With that, Leena began making her way home, but as she did, she was over come with a strange feeling. It was different from the exhaustion that was plaguing her body, however.

"Wha..." Right at that moment...

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Rated: G     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Jul 22, 2017   21:37