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Episode #8194
The Samuses finally made it to the door and tried to open it but it felt as though it was jammed. As the pee continued to flow from their shared vagina the Samuses desperately tried to escape the room. Finally the door gave in but the pair flew to the floor face first only to land on another pile of flesh. To the Samuses surprise they had fallen on top of an identical pair of conjoined Samuses in an identical room to their own. The Samus in the new room had fallen backwards and appeared to be experiencing the same problem with an uncontrollable bladder. The two sets of conjoined clones were perfectly lined up, tit for tit, face to face and vagina to vagina. Yet again, the Samuses urethras had lined up causing the four Samuses to pee into one another. As the pressure built up the between four of them lay there on top of each other in utter shock. "What the fuck!" The four voices cried in unison.

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Jul 28, 2017   06:21