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4 in 1

Episode #8197
"What the f***!"
"Out of our way!"
"No, out of OUR way!"

The two identical pairs of Samuses were on the ground wrestling for their right to pass. Both pairs really needed to pee, and thought that these 'new' conjoined Samuses were trying to block them.

Once in a while, one of them would wonder how this new pair got there, but they were reminded of what was at hand, and continued.

Sometimes they would flip over, giving the pair that was under before a sense of power. This however would just make the bottom pair angrier and push harder.

It even seemed to get worse. With them peeing into each other, it made them even angrier. That pee started to increase, making it hurt more. But it was not just a fight. It was a battle to determine their right to pee. So, they just pushed harder.

Of course, with all four of them being Samus all in the same predicament there couldn't be a Victor. Yet, the Samuses never realized it. So they got frustrated. Then one Samus (currently bottom left Samus) decided to rip the Samus right above her's shirt and pull her hair. Soon, every Samus was ripping clothes, pulling hair, and even squeezing their opponent's boobs. Eventually both were naked, but they didn't stop pulling hair and squeezing boobs.

After sometime, it felt weird. They couldn't feel their legs or vaginas grinding against each other. They couldn't even feel pee coming out of them, like their bladders had fused into one. And their legs felt like each one was pushing against itself; compressing itself.

But they ignored it. Until one Samus got a glimpse of it.
"Look! Our legs!" Immediately, they stopped fighting and look.

Now, instead of two pairs of two Samuses sharing a waist, now it was four. I certainly didn't look natural. There were buttcheeks on both sides of the legs. It was the same with their kneecaps, allowing their knees to even move backwards if wanted. Their legs ended in the middle of their feet, which had the toes of their feet on each side, with each side looking like a mirrored version of each other.

Of course, the Samuses were shocked. To think that sharing the lower half of your body with one person is enough, Now they have to share it with three others. Now, what would they do?

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Aug 08, 2017   22:33