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Episode #8218
"Hey, it's Ditto!" Ben said.

Looking at the alien, it was Ditto, however since it was Gwen who transformed, where there should be back there was a dark pink.

"Well," Gwen said. "This may be useful."

Using her cloning ability, Ditto split into an army of Dittos and rushed to attack the giant mutant frog.

Smack! Crash!

The Dittos we're all over the frog, scratching and punching the frog everywhere they can. But it wasn't enough. With one quick shake all of the Dittos we're flung off.

Of course Gwen has been through dangerous situations like this,and has been hurt like that before. However, Ditto isn't just able to split, they also share all pain, allowing the pain of all 54 Dittos to be experienced by each one, almost making them pass out.

"Okay," one of the Dittos said. "He is much stronger than he looks. Back together everyone."
The Dittos all went back together, until only two were left. And the Omnitrix would only turn her back to Gwen when they come together.

They were at opposite sides of a broken street, running towards each other. Then, out of nowhere, the monster frog comes and smacks one in the head, where the Omnitrix symbol is. It flashes red for a while, and both Dittos faint.


"Ow, what happened?"
The Dittos wake up on their beach blanket, still Dittos.

Ben was there, and replied "After you two were knocked out, I stopped Animo's creature and brought you here. But there is something wrong with the Omnitrix.

As he said that, the Omnitrix chimed like it was time to turn back.

But now there wasn't one Gwen.

Something was wrong with the Omnitrix.
Because now there are two Gwendolyn Tennysons, each with their own Omnitrix
And no one knows how to reverse it

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Rated: G     Author: Anonymously Anonymous
Aug 09, 2017   12:37